land development Services Include...

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Brush mowing:

also known as mastication has many advantages over conventional land clearing. It provides fire hazard reduction while leaving a layer of mulch that holds moisture, provides erosion control, and returns nutrients to the soil. With mastication you also have the option of selectively leaving trees for timber stand improvement. Mastication creates very little soil disturbance or compaction.


land clearing:

Removing larger trees and stumps to create bare ground for planting, house pads, roads, ponds, etc.


Road Repair:

Repair of storm damage such as slipouts, rutting, culvert cleanout, road reshaping, and rocking.


Road Construction:

Layout and construct roads in an environmentally sensitive manner. Size culverts for adequate drainage and generally build outsloped roads to avoid water concentrations.


Pipe Installation:

All types of pipe, culverts, and underground utilities.


Rock Retaining walls:

Create an attractive way to keep ground from sliding or to add a level area to a yard.


stream restoration:

Placing rock and log structures in streams to stabilize banks and create enhanced fish habitat.


House Pads:

We construct house pads to conform to surrounding landscape.


Water features:

Ponds and waterfalls.


Septic Systems


Gene Wixson Enterprises is a General Engineering Contractor. California License #864428.